Staging Your Home To Sell It Quickly

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Real Estate

 After a day looking at homes with clients, I sat down to review what they’d seen to determine their likes and dislikes.

“Definitely not the first house,” the husband said. “Why would they paint their living room purple?”

“I didn’t like the second house,” the wife interjected. “The kitchen didn’t have enough storage. They had all their small appliances on the counters.”

This is the type of feedback I receive every day. The two houses they were referring to were actually excellent options that met all of their criteria. But they never really looked at the selling points because they were so caught up in minor details that could easily have been changed.

I mention this problem not so much to change the way people shop for houses—though that’s important—but rather to enlighten potential sellers as to how crucial it is to stage their home prior to putting it on the market.

Home staging isn’t a new concept, but it is an important one that many sellers resist. Often, homeowners are offended at staging suggestions. And I understand this emotion completely. Your home reflects you—the way you live, your tastes, your travels, your hobbies, your family. But what sellers need to understand is that once your home is placed on the market, it becomes a valuable commodity you are selling rather than your personal space. By internalizing this concept, you will be able to increase the home selling price and decrease the selling time. It’s hard—but worth it in the end.

Ever wonder why model homes are so appealing and such an effective sales tool? They are color coordinated throughout. Every item is placed to make the rooms appear large, airy and bright. Nothing about them is personalized—no family photos or cluttered shelves filled with collectibles. No stacks of mail or closets packed with stuff. They are clean, appealing and neutral enough that buyers can envision themselves living a wonderful life there. When you are preparing to sell your home, the same principles apply. By adding some landscaping, doing some painting, and selectively placing just the right accessories, a home stager can help make your home sale more successful.

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